What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is very straightforward, and can be started right away with no financial commitment. Blended learning allows employers to increase employee productivity, decrease costs, and still provide high quality training to employees. The student engages is online training along with a brief written test. Once the student is ready they attend a skills check where any lingering questions are answered. Once passed their certification is emailed same day, and a copy provided to the employer. No more hunting for certifications after they’re issued. The entire process is streamlined and painless.

Want to get started?

All we need is a list of names, emails, and level of certification. An online profile will be created for each student and a welcome email sent to start the process. The students log in and engage in training at their own pace on their own time. An added time saving benefit is allowing proficient students to challenge the written test saving time to complete the course. Which saves time for students who already know the material.

Then we schedule a skills check where I come to you and meet with everyone. Any lingering questions will be answered and a skills check will be preformed to complete the certification. It's a very laid back and pleasant experience. It's our belief that students don't fail their teacher fails.

Invoices are issued after the skills check with a NET 30 so there is no financial obligation until you’re satisfied. If you would like an account setup for you to check things out please contact us.